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Consequences of low cost of construction projects

Tutor to reading:

Some poor engineers found that the project was finished, and the output value was negative. Early that picked up a great deal of the owners, finally found bogged down and unable to get. The project low bid consequences: starve peers, exhausted themselves, dead pit owners!

At the beginning of the time, the chemical industry, a lot of plates are relatively benign. Engineers have not been known as the home of the brick, and the drawings are really what they can call a work, not a commodity. They deserve our respect. Do not know from the beginning of the day, the industry began a vicious competition low bid. Do the project into a selling cabbage, you out of 15 Fen, I will dare to 12 fen. The result?

Now the design industry, we are grass and grass to throw out the drawings, and then did not carefully check the patience. A little to see again, managers raised high whip smoke in your body, fast fast! Have a problem, need to think about some slightly, eagerly throw it to the manufacturer or subcontractor; manufacturer or subcontractor a doubt, immediately forwarded to the client. Excuse me, is this a qualified engineer? Whose fault is this, who should be responsible for this?

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